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Vista ‘good to go’ on MacBook’s…

January 12, 2006

Look’s like there will be some choice this time around, well as soon as Vista comes out anyways. This opens up a ton of opportunities for Microsoft. Only thing is it occures to me that a lot of people are just buying Mac’s to not have to deal with Windows (which I don’t understand, but then again I grew up on Windows).

Sticking to the MacBook topic, its really interesting how much preformance is gained from these new Core-Duo chips and shows how limited the Power PC processors were.


Xbox 360…Why didn’t they think of that (Part-1)

January 6, 2006

Just after all the HD-DVD talk, there’s now concern over a specific game coming out and its delivery methods. The game is SiN Chronicles and the publisher doesn’t want to sell it in stores, instead, they hope to have it as a download only. Now this presents a problem for the 360 that only comes with a hard drive that has 13GB free. Every ‘episode’ of this SiN game weighs in @ about 2GB’s. Where’s all the free space coming from? All this just after Seagate spoke on the hard drive it made for the 360 saying it wasn’t really capable of much larger drive sizes and that it was quite a slow low end drive…

Interesting stuff…


Xbox 360 HD-DVD Add On?

January 5, 2006

Why? I could understand it from the perspective that it may be cheaper but this would have been a much better idea from the get go (although I’m sure there would have been cost issues). Most sites such as speculate (and rightfully so) that it won’t be used to games.

The advantages for this would have been huge for 360 games, although when you see games like Gears of War being made successfully to fit a DVD9. Perhaps the added storage for the PS3 (aside from the fact that their pushing their own format) is because all PS3 games are 1080p?