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May 15, 2006

God it's been a while but since no one reads this blog I guess it doesn't matter at all…Anyway's I guess since I'm writing soley for myself (the way it seems anyways) I'll go and dig up some news to remind myself of things…right…


Vista ‘good to go’ on MacBook’s…

January 12, 2006

Look’s like there will be some choice this time around, well as soon as Vista comes out anyways. This opens up a ton of opportunities for Microsoft. Only thing is it occures to me that a lot of people are just buying Mac’s to not have to deal with Windows (which I don’t understand, but then again I grew up on Windows).

Sticking to the MacBook topic, its really interesting how much preformance is gained from these new Core-Duo chips and shows how limited the Power PC processors were.